Christina H. Rasmussen, Ph.D., 7919 42nd. St. W. University Place 


Christina H. Rasmussen, Ph.D. Specialty Services
Dr. Rasmussen is trained to provide Guided Afterlife Connections (GAC), a revolutionary new procedure that enables people to connect directly with deceased loved  ones.  This procedure does not rely on mediums or psychics, but utilizes a form of EMDR, (bilateral stimulation) allowing a natural unfolding of afterlife connections with loved  ones.  This process typically requires several hours.  GAC's are usually scheduled on Fridays.
Dr. Rasmussen also provides traditional EMDR services to assist with reducing the impact of traumas including deployment related traumas, histories of abuse, and other traumatic experiences.

This service includes REPAIR AND REATTACHMENT GRIEF THERAPY which is helpful for the feelings of being "cut off" from a loved one and helps ease the suffering and pain that goes with the loss of a loved one.