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Christina H. Rasmussen, Ph.D. Services
Dr. Rasmussen utilizes a variety of treatment methods depending on individual needs.  Psychotherapy approaches include in depth explorations including dream interpretation and psychodynamic therapies.  Some issues are better treated with behavioural methods or the facilitation of changes to thought processes.  An initial interview will assist Dr. Rasmussen in understanding the major issues and she will discuss the best options for treatment with you.  The most common treatment issues include:

-Eating Disorders
​-Relationship Issues
-Deployment Issues
-Adolescent Behaviours
-Attention and Academic Issues
-Fertility Issues

Psychotherapy approaches include:
-Psychodynamic (Self-Psychology)
-Cognitive Behavioural
-Dream Interpretation
-Women's Developmental
-Play therapy

Please contact Dr. Rasmussen with any questions or for further information.